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 The time has come for you to choose a career, and you have thought about studying to become a phlebotomist. You may know that you want to work in the medical field, but you are unsure that becoming a phlebotomist is the best career move for you. The choice is ultimately one that you will have to make, based off of what is in your best interest. Many people jump into a career because it pays well, or because the demand is high. While those are certainly factors to consider, choosing a career should also be about finding the field that you will not only be able to grow and prosper in, but a career field that you will want to grow and prosper in.

 What is a Phlebotomist?

 You should understand what a phlebotomist is so that you will know what to expect if you make this career move. First thing is first; if you are afraid of blood, or you get squeamish at the sight of blood, becoming a phlebotomist is not the career move for you. A phlebotomist is a certified medical assistant who will collect tissue samples, as well as blood samples that are analyzed by a laboratory of technicians. If you choose a career in phlebotomy, there are technical responsibilities that you will have, including:

 • Containing and Disposing Hazardous Equipment

• Managing Time Collections
• Documenting Records
• Verify Patient Identity
• Data-Entry
• Assembling Medical Equipment
• Recordkeeping

You are also responsible for helping patients feel secure and safe when you are drawing their blood. Some people do not like needles, and some are afraid of the pain, but it will be your job to ease them, which requires you to have compassion.

Job Prospects
The job outlook for a phlebotomist is great, and it is not expected to slow down any time soon. If you are looking for a career that has stability and good pay for short training, phlebotomy should be at the top of your list, especially if you want to work in the medical field. Over the next eight years, the employment for certified phlebotomists is expected to grow by 27 percent. This is at a much faster rate than the average occupation. The need for certified phlebotomists in hospitals, blood donor centers, diagnostic laboratories, and other medical locations is expected to stay in demand.


Although there is a high demand for phlebotomists, and the job industry is expected to grow over the next few years, the training process is not as long as training for other professions within the medical field. For instance, to become a registered nurse, you will need to complete a two or four-year degree program, but you could complete your phlebotomy certificate program in as little as nine months; some programs take one-year to complete. You will need to enroll in a technical college, vocational school, community college, or other educational institution that has an approved phlebotomy program. You also have the option to enroll in an online phlebotomy program.
A great benefit for phlebotomists is the opportunity to explore other career options within the medical field. Becoming a certified phlebotomist will allow you to take some courses that could lead to higher positions within the medical field; these courses may not be available to someone without a phlebotomy certificate.

Within this short training program, you will receive classroom education, in addition to clinical experience. After you have completed your program, you will need to take your state’s required phlebotomy examination before you can begin practicing. Some employers do not require phlebotomists to be certified, but a majority of employers do. Nevada, California, and Louisiana are three states that require all phlebotomist to be certified in order to practice in the medical field.

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