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Becoming a phlebotomist is an opportunity to explore the healthcare industry and get an insider perspective of how things work in hospitals and clinics. Like most healthcare professionals, you will be used to seeing blood, test tubes, needles, databases, blood vials and patients from different backgrounds. Of course, everybody has a specialty in a healthcare facility, and the job of a phlebotomist is to withdraw blood and ensure the right protocol is followed to the letter throughout the process. Like most entry-level healthcare positions, a phlebotomist occupation could be a stepping stone to advance your career through further experience and education. The most obvious reason for phlebotomists who want to advance their careers is to increase their annual income. Others just want a supervisory position and all the perks that come with it. Whatever the reason, what are the career-advancing opportunities you ought to consider as a phlebotomist?

Traveling Phlebotomist

If you love to travel and visit different places, then this occupation is perfect for you. Unlike most phlebotomists, you will not be tied down to a single hospital or a clinic. As a traveling phlebotomist, a big part of your job will involve visiting nursing homes or personal residences to perform venipuncture on the spot and transport the blood samples back to the lab for analysis. You can bet some of those patients will be nice to offer you tea, coffee or cookies as a welcoming gesture. Additionally, organizations such as Red Cross recruit traveling phlebotomists for blood drive campaigns.

Donor Phlebotomy Technician (DPT)
Most blood collection centers are in constant need of donor phlebotomy technicians to specialize in collecting blood units from donors. The wage of a donor phlebotomy technician is higher compared to an entry-level phlebotomist. However, to become a donor phlebotomy technician, you need to successfully complete 25 donor collections and attain an experience form verified by your supervisor. On top of that, you also have to give out a letter of authenticity written by your supervisor or laboratory manager.

 Medical Lab Technician (MLT)

If you’re a phlebotomist, taking blood samples to the laboratory for testing is part of your routine. You even put the blood vials in the centrifuge to isolate the blood cells and plasma. Moreover, sometimes phlebotomists classify the blood tubes according to the type of tests needed. During such visits, it is normal for phlebotomists to develop curiosity in analyzing blood samples and other body fluids, but only a medical lab technician is allowed to do that job. The good news is that a phlebotomist can become a medical lab technician through further education. All you need to do is complete an Associate’s degree and enroll in an accredited MLT training program.

Want to move up the ladder to a supervisory role? A phlebotomist supervisor is a right role for you. However, most employers prefer a phlebotomist supervisor with a Bachelor’s degree and a few years of experience. Although it is an oversight position, you will be held responsible if your team messes up. Hence, a phlebotomist supervisor must ensure other phlebotomist technicians do their job well and monitor the necessary safety regulations. Apart from increased allowances, the salary of a phlebotomist supervisor is also drastically higher.

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